Community Giving Program

Review our Giving guidelines before you apply.

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Westoba’s community giving program, Inspire welcomes partnership opportunities with local organizations to support initiatives aligned with our focus areas in the communities we serve.

  • Organizations seeking funding must be a recognized charity or have a confirmed agreement with a recognized charity to act as their fiscal agent.

  • Regardless of the amount you’re requesting, all applications for funding must be submitted online. Requests for funding under $2,500 will be reviewed regularly.

  • Applications requesting funds over $2,500, will be reviewed by the Community Giving Committee bi-annually.

Fall 2019 intake is now closed. Check back for 2020 Spring Intake Dates.

To be eligible for funding, requests need to support community infrastructure projects that:

• Are initiated locally or have a clear local impact;

• Are inclusive and bring people together;

• Are long-term or multi-functional; and

• Promote staying, participating and engaging in an enriched community.

Other guidelines:

• Donations are made directly to non-profit organizations and not to professional fundraising companies (e.g., through telemarketing).

• Beneficiary organizations must be a registered charity or have a designated fiscal agent that is a recognized charity.

• Generally, any single organization should not receive multiple funding in one calendar year.

Requests that are considered ineligible for funding include:

• Religious based requests;

• Politically oriented requests;

• National or provincial focused charities that do not have a local impact;

• Anything that is organized for personal gain;

• Completed projects;

• Individual and private business requests;

We appreciate having as much lead time as possible. The greater the notice we're given, the better decisions we can make regarding your application. We will contact you once a decision has been made and we usually respond within 4 - 6 weeks of receiving requests.

Application Requirements

• Primary Contact Details

• Charitable registration number for beneficiary organization or a designated charitable organization that will be acting as a fiscal agent.

• Project Time Line and Budget

• Project Details including photos

• Detailed plan to recognize Westoba’s Inspire program & partnership