Westoba Announces $20,000 in funding to Major Grant Winners!



On April 29th, 2019, Westoba held their semi-annual call for community funding. Westoba’s Community Investment Committee reviewed all applications and selected four recipients who will receive major funding. In total, Westoba will be providing $20,000 to support non-profit, charitable or community organizations across Manitoba who are helping build stronger community infrastructure through facilities or programming.

Keep reading to learn about our four recipients who will be receiving Community Investment Funds from Inspire


1. The Terry Fox Memorial Park (Ninette) received $11,000 towards the building of a new playground.

2. The Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts (Winnipeg) received $2,000 to support a program designed to connect at-risk youth and seniors through music programming.

3. The Riverdale Municipality Baseball Diamond (Rivers) received $5,000 towards the purchase and installation of a removable in-field fence to make the field smaller to better accommodate all age group users.

4. The St. Gerard Ladies Association (Bruxelles) received $2,000 towards a renovation project to update the dance floor in their local community hall.


Congratulations to all our recipients!

The next call for applications will be announced in September. To learn more about our Community Investment program, click here.

Raul Caro