Westoba Credit Union Fund

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As part of our new community investment program, we have created an online application process for organizations seeking funding to apply more easily and efficiently. 

Through the implementation of the Community Investment Strategy, Westoba has a charitable fund in partnership with the Brandon Area Community Foundation (BACF). This fund will be used to support larger (and multi-year) investment grants and is managed by the Community Investment Committee. 

When it comes to handling larger requests of $2,500 or greater, Westoba accepts applications twice a year – in the spring and fall. These requests are reviewed by the Community Investment Committee who make recommendations for approval. The role of the Community Investment Committee is ensuring Westoba’s community investments reflect Westoba’s mission, vision and values, and the community priorities of members. The Community Investment Committee makes recommendations on grant approvals to the Board of Directors.

To be eligible for funding, requests need to support community infrastructure projects that:

  • Are initiated locally or have a clear local impact;

  • Are inclusive and bring people together;

  • Are long-term or multi-functional; and

  • Promote staying, participating and engaging in an enriched community.

For more information on our giving guidelines please click here.

In 2018, we contributed $219,000 in total to these programs and facilities that fall under our new community investment criteria.