Who We Are


Our members are our inspiration for creating this new community giving program. As a member-based organization, we want to invest in areas of most value to our members. Our members told us that they want our community investment dollars spent on community infrastructure. 

We give back thousands annually to hundreds of different groups, organizations and charities, and we believe that by focusing our community investment efforts on community infrastructure we can have a greater impact locally.

Moving forward, Westoba is directing community investment funds to support community infrastructure projects that:

  • are initiated locally or have a clear local impact;

  • are inclusive and bring people together;

  • are long-term or multi-functional; and

  • promote staying, participating and engaging in a rich community.


Meet our Community Investment Committee. This team works hard to make a difference in our communities. All members are welcome to join! Contact Us for more details.  L – R in picture: Amy Doerksen, Brenda Gibson, Reta Saborowski, Walter Marlow, Debbie Stanley, and Penny Burton. Missing: Liz Roberts and Melissa Clark.